Gold Teeth Syndicate creates custom, cosmetic mouth wear. These mouthpieces do not replace proper dental care, hygiene, or procedures. Gold Teeth Syndicate creates your mouthpiece by sending out a molding kit in order to ensure perfect fit of your mouthpiece. A certified dentist can also take your mold and send it to us. Gold Teeth Syndicate is not responsible for any direct or indirect complication arising from using or wearing our products.

Missing teeth or have a retainer?

No problem! Here at the GTS there’s no special request we can’t handle. Perfect teeth are not required remember every set is custom molded and made just for you.

How to Properly Maintain Your Golds:

Your custom golds are unique to you, so it's crucial that you maintain them to protect your investment. Please use a non-abrasive cleaner, and a microfiber cloth in conjunction with warm water when cleaning your golds. It is advised to clean them daily in order to keep them in the best possible condition.

Custom Golds Top Tips:

Do not eat with your golds - In order to protect your teeth from further damage by bacteria, acids, and abrasion from food, always remove your golds before eating.

Do not smoke while wearing golds - Smoke will tarnish the finish of any gold product and will cloud any shine when overexposed. 


Shipping and Return policy:


  •  A 10% cancellation fee (minus the shipping fees, if applicable) will be applied to any order that has started its shipping process beginning with the shipment of the self-molding kit.
  •  Return shipping/postage is the buyer's responsibility, unless we are at fault.
  •  Due to the nature of these items, we cannot accept damaged items.
  •  Orders or deposits older than 14 days are not eligible for a refund or exchange.
  •  When returning merchandise, please note the order ID sent in the confirmation email and included in the printed packing slip.
  •  Expedited shipping charges will not be refunded if the package is returned due to an incorrect address.
  •  No refunds will be given on completed grills or if we have not received a good mold within 45 days of the transaction. You are responsible for a good mold, if you do not make a good mold the grills will not fit properly.
  •  Please be aware that if you chose to cancel your order after sending us back your molds, there will be a 20% cancellation fee deducted from your total refund, not including shipping fees.
  •  Upon receiving the completed custom grill, the customer has 14 days to notify us of any changes that are needed in terms of fitting or defects. We can make one free Redo within this period. Additional remakes after the first will be discussed with a representative of The Gold Teeth Syndicate.



  •  Make note that shipping may vary depending any USPS delays and the timely manner of the return the customer’s molding impressions.
  • All our orders are shipped via USPS every business day at 2PM EST with free USPS tracking.  Orders will be shipped out the next business day if the order was placed on the weekend or any holidays. We do not ship out on weekends or holidays.
  •  Orders with the wrong shipping addresses that are returned to us can be reshipped to a corrected address at the buyer's expense.
  •  If an incorrect shipping address is provided and the package is unable to be delivered as addressed, a refund will only be issued after the package arrives back to us.
  •  Once the package arrives back to us, the buyer may receive a refund (minus shipping fees, if applicable) and a 10% cancellation fee.
  •  Packages returned to us 45 days after the purchase date may not be eligible for full refund.


  •  The minimum deposit at the point of sale is 50% down.
  •  In case of a cancellation, the fee percentage is deducted from the total amount of the order not the amount paid from the initial deposit.
  •  Once your order is complete we will notify you via email and inform you to process the final payment.
  •  If the customer is non-responsive after being notified for final payment within 14 days, we will terminate their order and there will be no refund issued.
  •  The customer will be notified a total of four times;
    • 1st Time - Upon completion of your order
    • 2nd Time - After the 7th day
    • 3rd Time - 3 days prior to termination
    • 4th Time - A 24-hour notice prior to termination